So you wanna be a Buffalo Girls’ Groupie but you’re not sure you’ve got what it takes. Well if you love junkin, an open road, and a have a hankering for a good time, then you’ll fit right in around here. The Buffalo Girls is our gang of southern gals that chose the buffalo as our mascot to symbolize a breed of our own standing for strength, longevity, and unity. You never know where you might find our band of sisters, so being an exclusive BG Groupie has some major perks. Even though every day is a new journey for the Buffalo Girls, there are a few places you can always find us. We set up shop every month at Canton First Monday in Boardwalk 1 with the best flea market style finds around! You can also shop and swoon over our boutique style at Danna’s Southern Charm & The Florist in Sulphur Springs, TX. Aside from these permanent locations you can count on us to always have an exclusive lineup of appearances including, but not limited to: invite-only barn sales, mapped out roadside sales, and Danna’s Personal Picks in the Backyard. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where our pickin’ compasses have lead us and if you’re close, we’d love to see you or, even better, join you on your junkin’ adventures.  As lovers of antiques and vintage “junque” who wander on an endless treasure hunt, the Creed of the Buffalo girls reads as follows:

*Stand Your Ground * Have A Tough Hide * Keep Moving On * Cherish Wide Open Spaces * Have A Strong Spirit * Roam Wild & Free * Let The Chips Fall As They May * FORGIVE & LOVE ALWAYS *